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The School of Innovation is a trading name of Human Innovation Ltd.

Service & Experience Innovation

Wowing customers across touch points

Level: Beginner

Service Design

An introduction to service design. Providing a toolkit to apply human centred design principles to the creation of new services:

  • Principles: service design and UX vs. design thinking

  • Framing your challenge

  • Generating insight

  • Defining design requirements

  • Approaches to idea generation

  • Building service concepts with ‘blue prints’

  • Rapid prototyping: physical vs. digital experiences

  • Designing for human service interactions

Audience: Managers responsible for designing new service experiences.

Level: Intermediate

Building Brand Through Experience

How to bring the world of brand and experience together to create compelling and uniquely ownable experiences that reflect your brand’s purpose. Your customer experience may show good scores, but is it working to also build brand?


Many companies suffer from efficient but ultimately unremarkable customer experiences. Brand says one thing, the experience another:

  • How to assess your ‘character’ score

  • Using ‘brand’ to drive new ideas in the experience

  • Improve the way service staff ‘translate the brand’

  • Creating ‘signature’ brand experiences

  • Being ‘on brand’ when things go wrong

  • Designing for human service interactions

Audience: Brand and operational managers and leaders responsible for translating brand strategy into reality.

Level: Beginner

CX Essentials

Applying best practices in the design and management of great customer experiences:

  • Insight methods and tools for customer experience

  • Mapping & benchmarking the user journey

  • Identifying moments of truth in the journey

  • Becoming an omni-channel brand

Audience: Managers responsible for designing and managing great customer experiences.