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The School of Innovation is a trading name of Human Innovation Ltd.

Lean Startup for Enterprise

Applying lean techniques in large organisations

Level: Beginner

Agile for Non-Techies

How and when to apply agile approaches on projects and how to work more effectively with agile teams: 

Teams unfamiliar with agile should do this course as a prerequisite to Lean Startup basics.

Audience: Teams who want to start employing agile approaches, or who want to work more effectively with other teams who use agile.

Level: Intermediate

Innovation Accounting

A toolkit to rigorously and empirically measure the progress of innovations when traditional financial metrics are unhelpful (because they’re all essentially zero):

  • Types of metrics

  • Vanity metric traps

  • Driver trees

  • Scorecards & dashboards

This course is often augmented with a module on business model generation.

Audience: Experienced innovation practitioners who need smarter ways to measure the progress of early stage ventures.

Level: Beginner

Lean Startup Overview

An introduction to Lean Startup and practical guidance on applying it in large organisations:

  • Lean fundamentals

  • Building minimum viable products

  • Experimentation

  • Overcoming corporate blockers

The course included the latest thinking from the lean movement & goes way beyond the theories in the original book.

Audience: Teams who need to understand the basics of the lean methodology and the core tools and techniques.

Level: Advanced

Lean venturing

Comprehensive system for applying the Lean Startup to crack complex innovation challenges. Modules include:

  • Lean Startup basics

  • Innovation accounting

  • Demand validation

  • Business model generation

  • Market sizing

  • Growth hacking

  • Prototyping


​Extensive exercises and case studies are used throughout.

Audience: Experienced innovation practitioners launching new ventures.