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The School of Innovation is a trading name of Human Innovation Ltd.

Innovation Essentials

The core tools and techniques of innovation

Level: Intermediate

Insight for Innovation 

How to find fresh, differentiated and actionable insights that inspire breakthrough ideas.


The course can be tailored for teams running their own research, using agencies or a mix of both


Audience: Innovation and research professionals who commission, undertake or use insight for innovation

Level: Mixed

Facilitating creative sessions

How to facilitate kickass creative sessions which lead to breakthrough ideas that get implemented. 

If you want to be more creative in everday situations, check out our Practical Creativity course.

Audience: Facilitators of creative sessions

Level: Intermediate

Trend Driven Innovation

How to systematically approach and make sense of trends in order to unlock new opportunities.


This course can be supplemented with a bespoke trends report, as well as category and customer segment reports. 

Audience: Innovation professionals and strategists who use trends for innovation and strategic-planning.

Level: Intermediate

Proposition Development

How to develop and deliver differentiated offerings that wow customers.

The course is particularly useful for those who are operating in mature markets which are becoming commoditised.

Audience: Managers responsible for delivering growth and differentiation.